Cdt day 14
7 July 2016

Woke up with first sunlight at 5:20 again. Brr it was so cold. Put out my watch and it said 2°c. Glad that it didn’t freeze. I did not expect that and didn’t put the water filter in my sl

Cdt day 13
7 July 2016

Again wake up with the first sunlight. Shall it be that i am back to a natural bio rythm? It also means that i didn’t do too much thr last day and my body doesn’t need extra rest. Nice. Th

Cdt day 12
7 July 2016

During the night i got visited by some elk drinking from the lake. Something even put its head into my rarp sniffing. I justhope it was an elk, too. I jelled at it. I woke up really early

Cdt day 11
7 July 2016

Today was tough. I got up at around 6:40 then again at 7:30 and made some coffee feom my cowboy camping position. Then I started walking through burned forest until lunch. Climbing over m

Cdt day 10
7 July 2016

Today was a long day qith nice hot weather and i walked almost all day. I leapfrogged with two other older hikers. One from the uk and one from the states. The trail was following creeks a