Sauerland January 2011
28 February 2011

I took the last cold days in the Sauerland during a weekend trip. I made a lot of winter errors. The first was leaving my bottle insulation at home. At the -8 °C the bottles were frozen after very short time and I needed to carry a 0,5l

14 November 2010


This post shall show some information about tarping. It is all from my personal point of view as solo tarp user. I try to use the tarp everywhere and push it out of its intended usage boundaries. It is meant for t

For every lightweight hiker there comes an inflection point when they make the decision to turn from heavy weight "comfort" to lightweight skills. For me this was my trip to Scotland, where I had a really heavy pack(21kg). I

Sauerland autumn 2010
5 November 2010

Just another trip during the best time of the best season :)

Coffee on tour
5 October 2010

I already went through some coffee-systems(Ulaner always have some kind of system, don’t they?) About taste: I love my coffee black and strong. No sugar, no milk, and for gods sake, no instant coffee. I usually take 1 Big table spoon of coffee for 30