CDT resupply list
23 April 2016

A simple list of my resupply locations. This is a rough plan that will change probably after 1 day on the trail :) But for me it is important to look at the route, have a general idea about the resupply points the stretches and the alter

Hiker trash
5 April 2016

A vital part of preparing a thru hike is mental.
So I look at the hardships I had on the PCT.
Did I ever mention that I was entitled as the dirtiest hiker on the trail by various other thru hikers(gasp) by the time I was at Etna and Seiad in the

CDT General information
30 March 2016

So this year I hike the Continental Divide Trail. As every thru hike, this is a race against the time to get to Colorado before the new snow sets in deep

Day 1

I arrived in Glasgow in time and directly took the shuttle bus to the Buchanan street. Luckily I looked up the relevant stores before the trip and could directly buy the alcohol for my stov

In August of 2015 I met with my good ol hiking buddy Knifethrower from the PCT. We had some fun time on parts of the Cape Wrath Trail (Shielbridge to Glennfinnan). It was the wettest summer ever in Scotland (since reco