Cdt day 1
28 June 2016

Today I was hanging out at the hostel and waiting for my friend knifethrower to arrive in east glacier. He put on a 13h ride from uta to get up here. At around 1pm he came up and we had a burger in the place next door. Then it w

Cdt pre hike day 1
22 June 2016

CDT pre hike day 1 Woke up in the motel this morning at around 5am. Not bad for the jetlag. On the last trips i was up at 2 or 3 am. My friend ronan from the pct gave me a call. He is probably coming up for the First days in glacier. Awesome! I spent the

Cdt departure
21 June 2016

Cdt departure Hanging out on Frankfurt airport waiting for the plane to leave. Only slept for 3 hours the night…​fuck that. In the morning I read about 2 trail closures in glacier which might be liftet in 10 days. Fuck that too. An alternate via

So this is my last day in Germany. Tomorrow is my flight to Missoula MT where I will arrive around 9pm. Ate my last awesome German meal with my parents, sister+husband and nephew.



CDT gear list
18 May 2016

This is my current gear list for the CDT. Quite heavy but I have a lot more electronics with me this time. Additionally I have a full length winter neo air. Super heavy, but a good night of sleep is always some additional miles